Terms of sale

  1. The sale of goods is made subject to the terms below which prevail over any terms proposed by the buyer unless agreed in writing by the seller Lantex Manufacturing Company Ltd. Please read carefully.
  2. Any concession by the seller shall not prevent the seller exercising their full rights under the contract
  3. The seller shall be deemed to have no knowledge of the further treatment, purpose or market for which the goods are required unless stated in writing at the time of ordering. The buyer shall satisfy himself before delivery that it is fit for purpose.
  4. No claim for faulty or goods not considered to have been ordered by the buyer will be considered unless such claim is made within 3 days of delivery and the buyer allows the seller to examine the goods to be considered.

    If the buyer accepts any offer from the seller then the seller will not accept any subsequent liability for that batch or order.
  5. Delivery will be deemed to have taken place when the buyer collects the goods from the sellers premises using the buyers own or contracted transport or the seller delivers to the buyers premises using their own or contracted transport and under the latter circumstances there will be a charge made to the buyer for the cost unless the invoice does not include this charge.
  6. Responsibility for the goods rests with the buyer on delivery and if collecting ex mill with the buyer.
  7. Payment shall be pro forma or payable in cash within 30 days of delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing. The seller will usually withhold further deliveries of goods if payment becomes overdue.

    Interest may be charged at the discretion of the seller at the rate of 2% per 4 weeks after the initial 30 days time allowance. Payment by credit or debit cards will be subject to a supplementary payment of 5% of the value of the goods, carriage costs and VAT.
  8. The goods shall remain the property of the seller until the buyer has paid in full all sums due from the buyer on any account but risk in the goods and all liabilities to third parties shall pass to the buyer on delivery. If the goods have been treated or converted they will still belong to seller.
  9. If the buyer breaches any of the terms and conditions detailed above any insurance premium or additional premium of insurance caused by such a breach must be paid by the buyer as a result.
  10. If any levy, charge, tax duty or tariff be imposed or increased by any government which affects the price of this contract at any time during any relevant period of the contract that amount shall be added to the contract price and paid direct to the seller.
  11. Any credit terms arranged will lapse after 120 days of no trading, then pro forma payment will be expected. Unless specially arranged the buyer will not be offered credit terms if purchases amount to less than £2000 per annum.
  12. The acceptance of this invoice to supply will constitute acceptance of the conditions above.
  13. If the buyer has any doubts as to the terms and conditions it is the responsibility of the buyer to seek clarification from the seller
  14. If we have attempted delivery but been unable to do so due to absence 9am – 5pm or wrong phone number being given to us, an attempted delivery fee will be charged. The attempted delivery fee would represent the true cost of a delivery. Please note: the delivery cost noted on an order/invoice does not show the true cost of delivery in the vast majority of cases, it is very likely that the actual cost will be significantly higher than this value.