EU Type-Examination Certificate

Certificate number: 2777­/13093-01­/E00-00

This EU Type-Examination Certificate covers the following product group(s) supported by testing to the relevant standards/­technical specifi­cations and examination of the technical file docum­en­ta­tion:­ Following the EU Type-Examination this product group has been shown to satisfy the applicable essential health and safety requirements of Annex II of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 as a Category II product.

Product reference: Description:
OGD Double oven glove made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% polyester inner.
OGG Gauntlet made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% polyester inner.
OGS Snapper Gauntlet made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% nylon inner.
OGB BBQ Gauntlet (needs flame testing) made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% polyester inner.
OGDT Double oven glove towelling made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% nylon inner.
PG Pot Grabs made with 100% cotton outer and a 100% polyester inner.
Sizes: Classi­fica­tion:
One size fits all prEN407:­October2017 Level Level after 5 cycles of ISO 6330:2012 at 40°C and line dry.
  Contact Heat 2 2

Standards/­Technical specifi­cations applied: EN 420: 2003+A1: 2009; prEN 407:Oct 2017

Technical reports/­Approval documents: SATRA: SPC0274683/­1834, SPC0272663/­1826

Date first issued: 26/07/2019
Date of issue: 26/07/2019
Expiry date: 26­/07/2024



The following conditions apply in addition to SATRA’s standard terms and conditions of business and those given in the current certi­fica­tion agreement.

The certificate holder is licensed to mark the products detailed within this certificate in accordance with Annex V (Module B) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the council of 9th March 2016 on personal protective equipment once you have drawn up an EU declaration of product conformity.

Please note:

  1. Where the product is classified as category III then CE Marking of production is reliant on current compliance with Regulation 2016/425 module C2 or Module D. (Except that specifically produced to fit an individual user).

  2. Full details of the scope of the certi­fica­tion and product(s) certified are contained within the manuf­ac­turer’­s technical docum­en­ta­tion.

  3. Where a translation of this certificate exists, the English language version shall be considered as the autho­ritative text.

  4. Certi­fica­tion is limited to production undertaken at the sites listed in the manuf­ac­turers technical docum­en­ta­tion.

  5. Ongoing manufactured product shall be consistent with the product(s) certified and listed on this certificate.

  6. The Manufacturer shall inform SATRA of any changes to the certified product or technical docum­en­ta­tion.

  7. Where results obtained during type testing are within the budget of uncertainty when compared to the pass requirement, classi­fica­tion or performance level, then it is the respon­sibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the factory production control and manuf­ac­turing tolerances are such that the product placed on the market meets with the stated requ­ire­ments, classi­fica­tions or performance levels.

  8. This certificate shall be kept together with the relevant technical docum­en­ta­tion in a safe place by the client named on this certificate. Production of this certificate and other docum­en­ta­tion may be required by a repre­sen­tative of the EC member state government.

  9. This certificate relates only to the condition of the testable items at the time of the certi­fica­tion procedure and is subject to the expiry date shown.

  10. SATRA reserves the right to withdraw this certificate if it is found that a condition of manufacture, design, materials or packaging have been changed and therefore no longer comply with the requirements of Regulation 2016/425.