Organic Fabrics

Our organic fabrics


One of the most frequently asked questions recently has been what fabrics are available. Therefore, we would like to use this opportunity to provide you with a guide of our organic fabrics and any information you may need to know.


Fabrics Available

All our organic fabrics come in 60” (152cm) width, and are either natural or optic, with some that come in both.

Here is a list of all the organic fabrics at Lantex:

-         Poplin Cotton Organic 130gsm optic & natural

-         Satin Cotton Organic 140gsm optic

-         Plain Cotton Organic 156gsm optic & natural

-         Twill 25% Recycled Cotton 75% Organic Cotton 213gsm natural

-         Half Panama Cotton 230 & 309gsm optic & natural

-         Drill Cotton Organic 255gsm natural  


What can be manufactured?

The poplin cotton is used for our napkins, which are available in any size and can have your design printed on. Our bespoke manufacturing includes customer labels and specialist finishes.

Our other organic fabrics can be used for any of our products and are manufactured to meet your requirements, and have you designs printed.

 With the cotton twill being 25% recycled cotton, it is a popular choice as it reduces waste and helps make the industry more sustainable. All of our organic fabrics meet the Global Organic Textile Standards.

 As there are different weights and variations of each organic fabric, we can advise you on which is best for your product, so feel free to contact us at or call us on 01254 398017.  

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