Oil Cloth Coated Fabrics and Manufactured Products

Oil Cloth Coated Fabrics and Manufactured Products

Lantex has a had long history of offering customers different options and our oil cloth coated fabric is now more popular than ever.

Customers send in their bespoke designs and the fabric is printed and then coated in a matt or polish finish.

We ship to customers in 25 x metre rolls which they then send onto their customers in cut lengths. We can cut the fabric to length for our customers and offer a range of finishes.

The products we are manufacturing are aprons, children’s aprons, make up bag bags, wash bags, tote bags as well as bespoke products.

We offer promotion uses such as aprons for cookery schools and restaurants.

Its long lasting and wipe clean and adds extra value to all products.

If you would like more details please drop us a line to info@lantex.co.uk or give us a call on 01254 398 017 we like to chat with customers.

Our new pricelist and product range is now also available.

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