Schools and Colleges

Artists’ Canvas

Renowned for our loomstate Artists’ Canvas Lantex has been making rolls of different widths 72’’ and 108’’ and lengths for decades.

  • Loomstate artists’ cotton canvas
  • 72’’ / 183cm Cotton Artists’ Matting 9.5oz
  • 72’’ / 183cm Cotton Artists’ Canvas 10oz, 12oz, 15oz
  • 108’’ / 274cm Cotton Artists’ Canvas Matting 9.5 oz, 12 oz

Double acrylic primed cotton canvas

  • 72’’ / 183cm 12 oz

Tabards and Aprons


For painting and resistant materials classes.

We can put you in touch with our wholesale customers who stock our small aprons and tabards for schools.

We supply floor cloths and tea towels to Education Authorities.

We often have spare cut-offs and samples which are sold by weight with no specific size and quality. Minimum quantity 5 kgs.

Floor cushions

Get in touch with us and we can discuss requirements, made from washable canvas or polycotton, no zips, no buttons pillowcase style cushion covers.

Blackout fabric / blackout lining


Fire retardant curtain fabric cut to the length you require. Official purchase order can be faxed or emailed.

Please phone us if you wish to discuss sizes.

Textile Manufacturing in the UK